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Prenatal Classes: Active Birth and Yoga for Pregnancy

Time: Tuesdays 11-12.30

Where: Downdog + Crow Yoga Studio, Woodstock

Bookings: email

For more info call Nicole 07533 889236 or email, or use the form below.

You can download our booking form here which will need to be completed before your first class.

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The Active Birth and Yoga for Pregnancy Class is a comprehensive mental and physical preparation for birth. It is an hour and fifteen minute long and consists of a brief discussion about a key aspect of the birth process, followed by an hour of yoga, with the theme then woven through the class. 

Yoga is the perfect vehicle for birth preparation as it works on both the body; giving you strength and flexibility, and on the mind; enabling you to practice switching off and thereby preparing you to surrender to the process of birth. Throughout the yoga sessions we work on poses that are of particular benefit in pregnancy, with emphasis on the spine, gravity and relieving any pregnancy related aches and pains. We also explore positions that you might adopt during an active birth.

After the class there is the option to stay for a warming herbal teas, making it also a lovely opportunity to meet other mothers.


You can attend either classes from your 14th week of pregnancy and no previous experience of yoga is necessary. 

For more info call 07533889236 or email or to book email